2nd Quarter Literature

(Ebk- refers to EBook with
Follet -TW or PB),
(oop- refers to out of
printbook), (TB- refers to
Some oops books may be listed in this document because some of the MISD libraries currently have them on
their shelves and would provide a good resources. Other books that are similiar based on content and skill
are listed as well and may be used as substitutes.
A mistreated kitchen maid, with the help of her fairy godmother, attends the palace ball on the condition that she leave before midnight.
Cindy Ellen
cindy ellen.jpg
398.2 LOW
Cindy Ellen loses one of her diamond spurs at the square dance in this wild western retelling of the classic Cinderella story.
Dinorella (OOS)
In this story, loosely based on that of Cinderella but featuring dinosaurs, the Duke falls in love with Dinorella when she rescues him from the dreaded deinonychus at the Dinosaur Dance.
Prince Cinders
prince cinders.jpg
A fairy grants a small, skinny prince a change in appearance and the chance to go to the Palace Disco.
Jack and the Beanstalk
jack and the beanstalk galdone.jpg
398.2 GAL
A retelling of the popular children's classic with illustrations by the author.
Jack and the Beanstalk
jack and the beanstalk hart.jpg
398.2 HAR (Titlewave-
ebk- unlimited)
Retelling of the children's classic.
Trust Me, Jack's Beanstalk
Stinks (ebk with PB & TW)
trust me jacks beanstalk.jpg
The other side of the story.
Kate and the Beanstalk
kate and the beanstalk.jpg
398.2 OSB
In this version of the classic tale, a girl climbs to the top of a giant beanstalk, where she uses her quick wits to outsmart a giant and make a fortune.
The Three Little Pigs
3 three little pigs.jpg
398.24 KEL
In this retelling of a well-known tale, Serafina Sow starts her own waffle-selling business in order to enable her three offspring to prepare for the future, which includes an encounter with a surly wolf.
The Three Little Pigs
3little pigs.jpg
398.2 MAR
Retells the familiar tale in which one of three brother pigs survives a wolf's attacks by using his head and planning well.
Three Pigs
3 pigs.jpg
The three pigs escape the wolf by going into another world where they meet the cat and the fiddle, the cow that jumped over the moon, and a dragon.
The True Story of the
Three Little Pigs
true story of the 3.jpg
The wolf gives his own outlandish version of what really happened when he tangled with the three little pigs.
The Three Little Wolves
and the Big Bad Pig
3 wolves.jpg
398.24 TRI
A hilarious retelling in reverse of the traditional story of the villainous monster who destroys homes.
Little Red Riding Hood
little red riding hood.jpg
398.2 PIN
A sweet little girl meets a hungry wolf in the forest while on her way to visit her grandmother.
Red Riding Hood
red riding hood.jpg
398.2 MAR
A little girl meets a hungry wolf in the forest on her way to visit her grandmother.
Little Red Riding Hood: A
Newfangled Prairie Tale
lrrh a newfangled.jpg
398.21 ERN
A favorite fairy tale set on the prairie of the American Midwest with a new twist ending.
Honestly, Red Riding Hood
Was Rotten (ebk - PB & TW)
honestly red riding hood.jpg
The Big Bad Wolf, who claims to be a vegetarian, tells his side of the story of Little Red Riding Hood and her granny.
Lon Po Po
lon po po.jpg
398.2 YOU
Three sisters staying home alone are endangered by a hungry wolf who is disguised as their grandmother.
Goldilocks and the Three
398.2 MAR
Three bears return home from a walk to find a little girl asleep in baby bear's bed.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
goldilocks 2.jpg
398.2 BRE
Lost in the woods, a tired and hungry girl finds the house of the three bears where she helps herself to food and goes to sleep.
Goldie Socks and the Three
goldi socks.jpg
A humorous adaptation of the folktale Goldilocks and the three bears, which portrays the bears as "libearians" and Goldie Socks finds just the right book and the perfect place to read it.
398.2 GAL
A strange little man helps the miller's daughter spin straw into gold for the king on the condition that she will give him her first-born child.
Rumplestiltskin's Daughter
rumple's daughter.jpg
Wickedly funny spin on the classic fairy tale where Rumpelstiltskin's daughter outwits the greedy king.
Hansel and Gretel
hansel and Gretel 1.jpg
398.2 RYL
When they are left in the woods by their parents, two children find their way home despite an encounter with a wicked witch.
Hansel and Gretel
hansel and gretel 2.jpg
398.2 ISA
When they are left in the woods by their parents, two children find their way home despite an encounter with a wicked witch.
Hansel and Gretel
Hansel and gretel 3.jpg
398.21 MAR
A retelling of the classic "Grimm" tale of two children abandoned in the woods by their stepmother.
Hansel and Gretel (OOP)
Hansel and Gretel 4.jpg
398.2 DEL
An updated, health-conscious version of the Grimm fairy tale in which a brother and sister must outwit a gluttonous old woman in order to find their way home. Includes recipes for fat free chicken soup and sugarless apple pie.
Snow White
snow white.jpg
398.20 GRI
Retells the tale of the beautiful princess whose lips were red as blood, skin was white as snow, and hair was black as ebony.
398.22 ZEL
A retelling of the German folktale in which a beautiful girl with long golden hair is kept imprisoned in a lonely tower by a sorceress.
398.2 ISA
Recasts in an African setting the familiar fairy tale in which a beautiful girl with extraordinarily long hair is imprisoned in a lonely tower by a witch.
Dona Flor: A Tall Tale About
A Giant Woman with a Great
Big Heart
dona flor.jpg
Dona Flor, a giant lady with a big heart, sets off to protect her neighbors from what they think is a dangerous animal, but soon discovers the tiny secret behind the huge noise.
Paul Bunyun
paul bunyan.jpg
398.2 KEL
Recounts the life of the extraordinary lumberjack whose unusual size and strength brought him many fantastic adventures
Pecos Bill
pecos bill.jpg
398.2 KEL
A read-aloud winner depicting some of the legends of Pecos Bill.
Sally Ann Thunder Ann
Whirlwind Crockett
sally ann.jpg
The rip-roaring tall tale of Sally Ann, who is as amazing as Pecos Bill or Paul Bunyan.
A House is a House For Me
a house is a house.jpg
Lilting, rhythmic rhyme and profuse illustrations put forth the premise that anything that contains something else can be considered a house.
A House For Hermit Crab
a house for hermit.jpg
A hermit crab who has outgrown his old shell moves into a new one, which he decorates and enhances with the various sea creatures he meets in his travels.
The Haunted House Party
haunted house party.jpg
A boy hosts a Halloween party that gets invaded by real ghosts and goblins
In My Mother's House
(available thru Barnes & Noble)
im my mother's house.gif
811.52 CLA
A young Tewa Indian describes the homes, customs, work, and strong communal spirit of his people.
How a House is Built
how a house.jpg
690 GIB
Describes how the surveyor, heavy machinery operators, carpenter crew, plumbers, and other workers build a house.
Animal Homes
animal homes.jpg
591.56 WIL
Uses photographs and text to describe the homes of different animals.
551 SEY
Learn all about tomorrow's weather in this look at the climate.
551.55 SEY
Describes the location, nature, development, measurement, and destructive effects of tornadoes, as well as how to stay out of danger from them.
Rumble Boom! A Book
About Thunderstorms (ebk)
rumble boom.jpg
551.55 THO
Briefly describes how thunderstorms develop, what they do, and what safety precautions people can take.
Shel Silverstein book
shel silverstein.jpg
811 SIL
Another poetry collection of over 100 poems by a young reader's favorite.