(Ebk- refers to E-book with
Follet), (oop- refers to out of
print book, TB- refers
to Tumblebook)
Some oops books may be listed in this document because some of the MISD libraries currently have them on
theirwould provide a good resources. Other books that are similiar based on content and skill
are listed as well and may be used as substitutes.
Flat Stanley
flat stanley
Relates the humorous adventures of Stanley after he is flattened by a bulletin board.
The Keeping Quilt
keeping quilt
A homemade quilt ties together the lives of four generations of an immigrant Jewish family, remaining a symbol of their enduring love and faith.
Fire Talking
fire talking.png
In the useful Meet the Author series, a particularly appealing entry from an author/illustrator whose picture books have grown directly out of a life experience that has included shuttling between divorced parents, an old-country babushka,'' growing up in a mixed California neighborhood, and marriage to a Jewish Italian. Polacco also, in this lively, forthright self- portrait, describes overcoming a learning disability and going on to get a doctorate in art history and also her methods of working, both the nitty gritty and the inspirational (I listen to music and let my imagination soar. I take rocking so seriously I have at least one or two rockers in every room'').
Other books by Patricia Polacco
Pink and Say My Rotten Red-Headed Brother Thunder Cake Babuska's Doll Chicken Sunday
pink and say my rotten redheaded thunder cake Babuska's Doll chicken sunday
Two Bad Ants
two bad ants
Superb illustrations complement a text concerning two naughty ants and a kitchen adventure.
The True Story
Of the Three Little
true story of 3 pigs
The wolf gives his own outlandish version of what really happened when he tangled with the three little pigs.
Dear Mrs. LaRue
dear mrs larue
Gertrude LaRue receives typewritten and paw-written letters from her dog Ike, entreating her to let him leave the Igor Brotweiler Canine Academy and come back home
Trust Me, Jack's
Beanstalk Stinks!
trust me Jacks

Believe Me, Goldilocks Rocks!
believe me goldilocks

Prince of Butterflies
prince of butterflies
When surrounded by thousands of butterflies, eleven-year-old John becomes transformed into one of them and finds his entire life altered because of this experience.
Hurry and the Monarchs
Hurry and the monarchs
Hurry the tortoise befriends a monarch butterfly when she stops in his garden in Wichita Falls, Texas, during her migration from Canada to Mexico. Includes facts about monarch butterflies.
Gotta Go! Gotta Go!
Gotta go
Although she does not know why or how, a small creepy-crawly bug is certain that she must make her way to Mexico.
Butterfly House
Butterfly House
With the help of her grandfather, a little girl makes a house for a larva and watches it develop before setting it free, and every summer after that butterflies come to visit her.
Where Butterflies Grow
where butterflies
595.78 RYD
Describes what it feels like to change from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Includes gardening tips to attract butterflies.
Great Migrations
great migrations
591.56 NAT
Or any other non-fiction book about Butterflies.
Nonfiction books about Apples

634 GIB
Explains how apples were brought to America, how they grow, their traditional uses and cultural significance, and some of the varieties grown.
The Life Cycle of an Apple Tree
life cycle of an apple tree
634 TAG
Simple text and photographs present the life cycle of an apple tree from seed to adult plant.
I am an Apple
I am an apple.png
634 MAR
Marzollo details the life of an apple from bud to flower to fruit to market to table. The story unfolds in simple sentences in large, easy-to-read type. Moffatt's full-color collages are pleasing and uncluttered. The focus is on the apple and its growing cycle. The illustrator creates a 3-D effect that makes the pictures seem to lift off the page. As the petals fall, young readers will want to reach out to catch them and will eagerly turn the page to see what surprises may be waiting. This series entry presents a science concept in a simple, straightforward way.
Apple Trees
apple trees
634 SAU
Simple text and photographs describe an apple tree as it goes through the seasons.
Apples of Your Eye
apples of your eye.png
634 FOW
From friendly dolphins to giant pandas, from icebergs and glaciers to energy from the sun, from magnets to solids, liquids, and gases, Rookie Read-About Science is a natural addition to the primary-grade classroom with books that cover every part of the science curricula. Includes: animals, nature, scientific principles, the environment, weather, and much more!
The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree
season of arnold's apple tree.png
This book covers the basics of what a tree goes through every season. Arnold and his dog take you through each season and explain what type of activities they do with the tree. Winter they build a fort around the tree for company, summer they build a treehouse, fall they rake and pick apples and in spring they hang out in the tree and smell the apple blowwoms and build a tree swing. Arnold treats the tree as his friend through-out the book. On a few of the pages, there is a recipe for apple pie, directions and explanations of what a cider press is and does and facts about honeybees.
Johnny Appleseed
johnny appleseed
921 SHE
Shows how Johnny Appleseed grew from a young boy who loved the outdoors into the legendary man who spread apple trees all across the United States.
Apple Farmer Annie
apple farmer annie
Annie the apple farmer saves her most beautiful apples to sell fresh at the farmers' market.
From Apples to Applesauce
from apples to applesauce
641.6 THO
An introduction to the basic concepts of food production, distribution, and consumption by tracing the production of applesauce from apples to the finished product.
From Corn to Cereal
from corn to cereal
664 BAS
An introduction to the basic concept of food production, distribution, and consumption by tracing the production of cereal from corn to the finished product.
Corn is Maize
corn is maize
633 ALI
The story of how Native Americans began to use corn and the many uses for all of the parts of the plant.
From Wheat to Bread
from wheat to bread
664 THO
An introduction to the basic concepts of food production, distribution, and consumption by tracing the production of bread from wheat to the finished product.
The Wheat We Eat
the wheat we eat
641.3 FOW
Discusses the growing, processing, and eating of wheat, one of the most common types of grain in the United States.
633.1 GIB
Offers up the history of corn as well as the details concerning planting, cultivation, harvesting, and its many uses.
The Tortilla Factory
tortilla factory
641.8 PAU
A lyrical tribute to the Mexican farm workers as they plant and harvest corn that will be turned into tortillas.
The Little Red Hen
little red hen
A newly illustrated edition of the classic fable of the hen who is forced to do all the work of baking bread and of the animals who learn a bitter lesson from it.

Any Version
The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza
the little red hen makes a pizza
398.2 STU
In this version of the traditional tale, the duck, the dog, and the cat refuse to help the Little Red Hen make a pizza but do get to participate when the time comes to eat it.